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Thinking authentic Africa images for your creative project? Carefully explore a diverse collection of excellent photographs that span a range of categories from Africa on AfricanStockPhoto.

AfricanStockPhoto is a stock photography platform where all images are royalty-free, commercially licensed and used for both personal and commercial projects.

With a mantra like “Tell an Authentically African Visual Story” The platform focuses on its contributor’s imagery of Africa.

africa stock photo

Potential benefits for Buyers

All images on this platform are traditionally sold with a royalty-free, commercial license. This means after a photo is bought, it can be used without crediting the source of the image. It can be used for both personal and commercial projects, including online adverts, corporate reports, official websites, and mobile billboards.

The platform accepts PayPal and credit card payments. Each image can typically cost $15 or $20 depending on the license. It provides a bulk discount which forces the price down to $5 per image.

Potential benefits for Sellers

To sell your photographs on this platform simple Signup and next proceed to upload your photo for possible sale. You can typically earn between 50% and 70% of the image cost. 50% if the buyer pays $20 for an image and 70% provided you use an image pack at a discount.

In addition to PayPal, the platform can repay you via mobile money in some African countries, or through Western Union or a bank transfer. A payout is typically made when you reach at least $50 worth of successful sales.

Visit AfricaStockPhotoand explore true authentic African photos.

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