Understanding Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence is a computer programming that learns and adapts. The goal of AI is to teach intelligent human behaviours taught to computer systems.

These systems can be taught how to analyze large datas, the stock market and diagnose health conditions with accuracy.

There are technologies that help us in our everyday life – making our daily task that required considerable human intelligence and energy a lot easier. Automated lighting that can go on and off without the flip of a switch, self driving cars and organizing our daily routines.

The last decade has seen major progress, sparked by increasing computer speeds and the introduction of techniques such as machine learning. As a result, AI is now becoming increasingly woven into the way we live, work and make sense of the world.

Ultimately, the future of these technologies will depend heavily on what people decide to do with them, but the promise they have to transform human challenges is becoming clear.

A beginners A-Z guide by Oxford internet institute at the University of Oxford and Google, breaks down this complex area of computer science.

Excerpt from The A-Z of AI

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